There was so much to appreciate and learn from the Young World painting competition.

Each time the two judges plunged into the task of choosing the entries for the final round of The Hindu-Young World on-the-spot painting competition 2010, they went into extra time.

The response to this year's competition, presented by MIOT Hospitals, Chennai, was overwhelming in terms of quality. It took two days for them to choose the 200 plus entries each for the final round in the junior and senior categories from 3, 250 paintings. It was tougher when the competition was held recently at Lady Doak College, Madurai.

Rewarding experience

Whenever P. Shanmugasundaram and K.A. Murugesan, the judges, chose the best in the category for a prize, a better one popped up. The quality of painting among the students of the region had improved remarkably over the years, they said. There was an addition of two consolation prizes in the senior section, against the usual seven.

Scores of children from the southern hinterland joined their colleagues from urban areas in the painting competition with enthusiasm, unmindful of a dark sky that was threatening to open up.

Some had to start their journey in the small hours of Sunday to reach Madurai in time. It was a rewarding experience for them. Those who could not win the prizes had a closer look at the prize winning paintings and learnt some nuances like “Do not draw a thick margin around the work.”

Prizes were distributed to the following winners by L. Murali Krishnan, Managing Director, Kalyani Associates.


First prize (Rs. 3,000): T. Vignesh, Thiagarajar Model H.S. School, Madurai; second prize (Rs. 2,000): N. Hariharan, Mahatma Montessori Matric H.S. School, Baba Building, Madurai; third prize (Rs. 1,000): A. Yesmitha Devi, Kamlavati H.S. School, Sahupuram, Arumuganeri; consolation prizes (Rs. 500 each): P. Akshaya, TVS Matric H.S. School, Madurai; B.K.J. Venkat Krishnan, Mahatma CBSE School, Madurai; M.K. Keerthi Krishna, Kamlavati H.S. School, Sahupuram; S. Aravindhan, Setupati H.S. School, Madurai; E. Pavithra, St. Joseph's Matric H.S. School, Madurai; A. Nishanth, Mahatma Montessori Matriculation HSS, Baba Building, Madurai, and S. Ashwin Kumar, Mahatma CBSE School, Madurai.


First prize (Rs. 5,000): K.R. Balaji, Thiagarajar Model H.S. School, Madurai; second prize (Rs. 3,000): S. Vignesh Kumar, Setupati H.S. School, Madurai; third prize (Rs. 2,000): N. Nagamanikandan, TVS Matric H.S. School, Madurai; consolation prizes (Rs. 500 each): P. Geerthana, Jayarajesh Matric H.S. School, Tisayanvilai; B. Sibi Sudarsh, Vikasa School, Tuticorin; L.M. Harish Babu, Thiagarajar Model H.S. School, Madurai; D. Vignesh, NSKP H.S. School, Gudalur; J. Lavanya Priya Dharshini, Kamlavati H.S. School, Sahupuram; R. Aravind Kumar, Sree Maha Matric H.S. School, Madurai; M. Santhosh Kumar, MSP Solai Nadar Memorial H.S. School, Dindigul; R. Lakshmi, Mahatma Montessori Matric H.S. School, Baba Building, Madurai, and S. Maruthupandian, Al Ameen H.S. School, Madurai.

The venue sponsor for the event was Sastha Gingelly Oil and the water sponsor was ARC Aqua Pura. The snack sponsor was Ramalinga Mello Cakes.