Steve, Andrea and their friends waited eagerly for Aunt Sally to arrive. Her visits were great fun.

The Christmas season had arrived. Steve and Andrea loved Christmas as they received lots of gifts. This time it could be more special as Aunty Sally, was visiting them after a very long time. They had invited their friends too.

“So how are we going to celebrate Christmas?” enquired Aunt Sally.

“Why don't we do some window shopping; they have decorated the mall beautifully and they have a Christmas tree too. And the theme park. That can be fun.”

“Hang out with friends, watch some movies, party. If all else fails you can sit at home and watch TV or spend time smsing and chatting with friends all day,” continued Aunt Sally.

The youngsters looked sheepish. “Or we could do something worthwhile like visiting the Old Age Home and make a donation.”

“I know that you care and send them money from time to time but this time let us go and show our love by visiting them and greeting them personally.”

At the old age home Aunt Sally and the gang introduced themselves and interacted with the residents . They were happy that their new visitors have come to celebrate Christmas with them. Soon they were singing carols. After a few songs many of the residents began to dance too. Later Aunty Sally gave them gifts. The group knew that the money that they donated to the Old Age Home from time to time helped the inmates to buy materials for their handiwork, and to some extent meet their daily needs and requirements. Undaunted by the hardships of life the inmates have borne their grief and sorrow with dignity and have continued to move on with hope. Many of their miniature Christmas trees, stars, candles and greeting cards were for sale too. The visitors were happy to buy some of their products and knew that they will definitely come again. They felt guilty that they not met them all this while.

The teenagers had learnt a lot of valuable to ponder that day. First was to thank God for all the good things that He has blessed them with and not to take one's blessings for granted. Life could be harsh and mean at times and had dealt a heavy blow to these individuals in their old age but they have moved on with grace and dignity. For these old people a new hope had dawned in their lives.

Many of these youngsters decided to visit their grandparents whom they have not seen for a while. They were happy that this Christmas they had learnt something else.

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