The recently held Water is Life exhibition was an eye opener for many. The lecture sessions and the exhibits were interesting as well as informative.

The ‘Water is Life' Exhibition on Water, held recently was initiated by Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir (SKMVM), Tambaram, in partnership with Rotary Club of Madras and Centre for Water Resources, Anna University. Students from 70 schools visited the exhibition.

SKMVM chose the theme for the exhibition keeping in mind the deterioration of the resource and its scarcity. The CEO of SKMVM, Mr. S. Prabhakar, believes that if there would ever be a World War III it would be for water and none other.

The exhibition was a combined effort of staff and students of SKMVM and Sankara Vidhyalaya (Tambaram), Sankara Vidhyalaya (Urapakkam) and MCTM (Purasaiwalkam). There were on-the-spot poster and quiz competitions, rain dance, audio/visual presentations and lecture sessions by eminent people in the fields “Rain Water Harvesting”, “Water Treatment” and ‘Water Resources – Potential of Tambaram”. The exhibition connected the concept of water to unusual themes like Tamil Literature, Chemistry, Sports, Transportation and Maths apart from usual topics like Water Theory, Filtration, Water Conservation, Pollution, Rain Water Harvesting, Desalination and so on. The best of this was the “Rain Forest” and “Underwater World”. The students, especially the ones from kindergarten, were good, .

The highlight was when 25 teachers and principals were felicitated, for their exemplary work. A package of seven books on History, Geography, Personality development, Religion and Water are being given to all schools in Chennai. The school is also planning to translate the books into Tamil. Water from 82 various rivers of India were collected and displayed. The exhibition also saw the release of a postage stamp and a special cover.

The project that I worked on was based on Metro Water Supply. It talks about how we can clean water. Though it was my father's idea, we got it made from outside. I'm going to save water by closing the tap when I do not use it. THARUN SANJITH M., I, Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir

I really liked explaining my display to everyone, I would happily do another exhibition. I've come up with an idea where, constructing a tank for stored water supply in Gram Panchayats can be of great help to the people. HARINI S., V, Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir

One of the main reasons for my participation in this exhibition was for exchange of knowledge and ideas. I would learn from those who see my project and they will from me. My project was on ‘Wave Machine', My exhibit talks about the nature and properties of water. I chose theories by scientists that are not known to many rather than being clichéd by just talking about how to save water and the like. KISHORE R., XI , Sankara Vidhyalaya

With the frequent power cuts and water problem, we came up with what is known as ‘Current from Waste Water at Home'. Instead of pouring away used water one could produce current with the help of an inverter battery and this can work two fans and a light. We combined two prominent problems and have come up with an easy, home-made solution. We can conserve water by the above method, also by using it carefully and looking out for leaks. PRIYA R., MANORAMA R. and NAKUL KRISHNAN R., IX , MCTM

This project was my father's idea, it is about Weather Forecast. The explanation is entirely mine though, nobody taught me. There were lots of people who had come and I was happy to see all of them. I will save water by keeping the tap half open any time I use it. KAVYA, UKG, Sri Kanchi Mahaswami Vidya Mandir