A project to develop the park into a sort of a “school for traffic education” is taking shape to educate children on various aspects of road safety and traffic rules.

About safety

The concept is aimed at imparting traffic awareness and the significance of road safety at an early age “Education on traffic and road safety has become the need of the hour as children, mainly those in urban centres are exposed to heavy traffic daily while going to school,” says Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rajendra Prasad.

The Mysore Traffic Police came up with the idea of developing the “Traffic Park” located opposite the office of Police Commissioner, as an initiative to impart traffic awareness .

“Once the work is done, we shall bring schoolchildren to the park and explain to them the importance of road safety and traffic rules.

We shall use pictures of traffic signage and road safety signs (like those put up on the roads) to help them understand better,” Mr. Prasad explains. Reckoned to have been built as a “replica” of Mysore nearly 27 years ago, the park is the brainchild of the founder of Ideal Jawa, the late F.K. Irani.

There are miniature buildings representing houses, hospitals, police stations, roads and many other structures that existed in the city at the time of its construction to give a glimpse of the royal city to children. But, owing to poor maintenance during the last few years, the park was in bad shape. Thanks to the “Traffic Park” project, the park is getting a new lease of life.

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