This summer vacation, we went to Ooty, which is called the queen of the hills. My father managed to get a map showing the hotels, parks, hospitals and other landmarks there. All was set. Everything was packed and we were ready to leave the next day. All of us were so excited that we couldn’t sleep!

We started from home at 8 a.m. the next day. My father gave me the map and I ‘navigated’ the route as we went by. We climbed the 14 hairpins and made our way to Westbury Hills. In the evening, we reached Gorse House, the hotel where we were going to stay. It had a beautiful garden, a large tree house and swings.

It was very cold there, so I had to put on my sweater, scarf, hat, socks and a new pair of shoes.

In the following days of our stay in Ooty, we visited the botanical gardens, Pykara Lake, a pine forest and also managed to climb a big hill. The journey uphill was tiring as the strong winds were hindering our progress, but it was easier climbing down.

On the last day, we stayed at the hotel, playing chess, carom and other indoor games. We returned home after that. It was an extremely enjoyable trip and I’ll never forget it.

Anitha Mohan, VIII C, CRS, Ambalamugal

Keywords: summer vacation