Funtypuri was an effort to encourage children to make the first move.

Here's a programme produced by kids. Theatre Y's funtYpuri was a fun-filled evening of stories, poetry reading, story telling, singalongs and more.

A chatpata churmur had all the children on stage. The team had just completed their six-month course and was all geared up for the stage performance that was to be the highlight of the course. The evening saw stories, mainly fables, enacted by them as they also skilfully managed to play more than just their part. The fables were from Kazakhstan, Persia, Japan and Gujarat.

Ten words given to them became stories that were chosen to be read out on stage. Some of the other highlights also included their classroom sessions which was an eye-opener for most of the parents.

However the Singalong remained the most popular. In fact it was a night to remember as the six-month course culminated on a festive note.

Karthik, II, Hari Shree Vidyalaya : I loved the stories, especially the folk tales. What I really liked was that they all took place in the market area.

Niranjan, I, PSBB, KK Nagar : I have never had so much of fun. The “wisdom seller” story was the best. I will never forget that. Am so inspired to take part in plays after this.

Sudarshana, I, Spartan School : What I really liked was the sing along. “The invisible mountain” fables also intrigued me.

Kaiona, VII, Hari Shree Vidyalaya : The kids were so bold that was unique. I loved all the stories as they captured the essence of folk tales the best. Being a part of my school theatre I could connect with them too.

Suhani, VI, Hari Shree Vidyalaya : Besides the bun seller the Sing along was the most entertaining. I like the fact that his smartness could fool others. Lesson learnt: Be smart.

Sri Vatsan, VIII, BVM Global : Being a part of the troupe, I had worked on this for six months. This is my first play and it was fun as I got to play the part of the protagonist for one of the plays. I don't know if I will join theatre right away but I may in the future.


Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012