Though I don't spend much time reading newspapers, I find it as necessary as the morning cup of tea or coffee.

Every one has got his favourite newspaper. If he does not read it he feels that the day has been wasted.

The newspaper brings to us news of important events at home and abroad. Sometimes it makes cheerful and interesting reading. Often we feel sad when we learn of revolutions in other countries.

There are floods or earthquakes and other natural calamities. Reports of such events make our flesh creep. There are sudden outbreaks of war between nations.

Members of the UN rush here and there and engage in talks. Their aim is to limit the area of conflict.

But the speeches of politicians and reformers are interesting. The sports page always makes pleasant reading mostly to the youngsters.

“The Letters to Editor” column provides a chance for readers to voice their opinion.

The newspaper is a ‘must' for even young lads, students and businessmen too.

Oommen Philip Modayil, IX, Excelsior English School, Kottayam

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