The D.I.Y diary is peppered with fun stuff, doodles and personality tests to get you started on the road to fame.

THE DIARY OF AMOS LEE – YOUR D.I.Y. TOILET DIARY TO FAME, Adeline Foo, Hachette India, Rs. 195

Sara and Crystal are ordinary teenagers. Or so they think, until one day, their world is turned upside down when they learn that they are princesses of a magical land called Catriona.

HEIRS OF CATRIONA, Anusha Subramanian, Rupa Publications, Rs. 195

Join the Taranauts on their most formidable mission as the action shifts into high gear on Glytr’s terror trail. Can the Taranauts save a hazillion unsuspecting Glytrkos from ‘bubbling, burbling death’?


When Alice follows a bunny-eared zombie down a rabbit hole, life changes for ever. Alice discovers that she is a part of a strange warped prophecy, involving what might be the only surviving book in the world.

ÁLICE IN DEADLAND, Mainak Dhar, Duckbill, Rs. 199

The story revolves around the friendship between Indiana and Carlos and their friends on Jupiter – Mannie and Kossie. This eBook can be accessed at, Nook, Kindle or Omni books.

I HAVE A FRIEND ON JUPITER! by Celine Rose Mariotti

Rousseau is a silly happy dog who has one special power. He can tell the time. When disaster from the Black Hole of Time strikes, will Rousseau step in to be the answer?

THE STUPENDOUS TIMETELLING SUPERDOG, Himanjali Sankar, Duckbill, Rs. 199