White Dove is a series of eight books (classes 1 to 8) on value education, peace and citizenship education and life skills. White Dove aims to help you develop your skill of observation, inference, logic, philosophical judgement, reflection about actions and consequences.

WHITE DOVE, Classes 1 to 8, by Usha Aroor, Kanchan Bannerjee, Anita Pinto, Orient Blackswan.

A book with some wonderful Christmas stories…can you imagine your wishes coming true? Or sing a song that lives on long after its creator has died? Or figure what special magic can turn old odds and ends into a special festive tree? There are also 20 fun things to do for Christmas.

CELEBRATE, YOUR FUN FESTIVAL HANDBOOK CHRISTMAS, Hachette, Rs. 195“I write my diary in the toilet to get away from my troubles, like having to compete with Michael, the bully who's in the swim team with me, and falling out with my best friend, Alvin over a girl! This year has been full of ups and downs. The good thing is that I've been growing UP rather than down”

THE DIARY OF AMOS LEE, Girls, Guts and Glory, Hachette, Rs. 195.