I have seen many movies and read many books about people having their own room. So one day I asked my mother if I could have one. She agreed and here I am, sitting in my own room at my desk. I stuck Calvin and Hobbes posters all around the room. The liquid, home-made mucus and glow-in-the-dark mucus are stuck all around the room. The mucus is actually a science experiment and is called oobleck made from corn flour and water. I have made many traps for my room. My favourite is a plastic stick on which I stuck a touch-sensitive buzzer that was in an old toy. I then put one end of the stick into the door handle and the other end behind my desk. This will alert me when someone opens my door. I made a sign on my door saying “Danger. Vibhu's room. Do not disturb. Genius at work.” My grandmother cut the picture of the Indian cricket team holding the World Cup trophy from the newspaper and stuck it on a piece of cardboard and hung it on my wall. She also gave me an Angry Birds night light that can change colour. On my desk, there is a picture of God along with one of Vivekananda's sayings. Scattered around the desk are story books and of course my school books. I wanted a room so that I could stay secret from my mother and the rest of the world. When my friends come for a sleepover to my house, we raid the refrigerator, lock the door and feast and play all night. I thank my mother for giving me my own room.

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