For an enjoyable summer, watching movies is a must. Here’s a quick peek of some animation movies that you must not miss.

KUNG FU PANDA: Po (our clumsy panda) reconciles to the fact that he is just another Panda. But life’s course takes a different turn and a series of events make him the unlikely Kung Fu hero. His task? To save his country from destruction. As the chosen one, according to an ancient prophecy, he is the only one who can save his people.

FINDING NEMO: Here’s a tale of a disobedient little fish. Nemo does not listen to what his father tells him and that lands him in a great big mess. He swims away from familiar waters into uncharted territory and faces threats and scares, and ultimately finds himself in a small aquarium in a dentist’s clinic. Will he get out? Will he be reunited with his father?

MONSTERS INC: Monstropolis is a city inhabited by monsters that are powered by the screams of children. At the factory — Monsters, Inc. they have ‘scarers’ whose job it is to get into bedrooms of kids and scare them collect their screams. Their star scarer is Sulley —James P. “Sulley” Sullivan. Everything is fine until one kid follows Sulley to Scream Processing Factory. Now it’s time for Sulley to save his reputation.

ICE AGE: It’s the Ice Age and the animals are running south, away from it. That is, all except Manfred who is heading north. Soon he meets up with Sid a Megalonyx sloth who has been left behind by his family, and Diego, a Smilodon, who is on a mission to save his honour by stealing a baby from the human camp. The story is great and the conversations are hilarious.


Four friends — Marty, the zebra, Alex, the lion, Melman the giraffe and Gloria the Hippopotamus want a change of scene from the Central Park Zoo. And sure enough they get their heart’s desire. Before they know it they are washed ashore at Madagascar. Lot of laughs, songs and dancing… you will not be disappointed.

TINTIN: Tintin has a mission. He has to find a hidden treasure. There are some clues, but there are more missing. It is a serious task and requires not only intelligence but also courage. With only his true friend and trusted aid — his dog, Snowy, he is sure he will succeed. But then close on his heels are Captain Haddock, Thompson and Thomson — with and without the P, villains and more.

RATATOUILLE: This is a story of a rat who loves cooking. Remy is idealistic and ambitious and he has one dream — to cook. Inspired by his idol, the recently deceased chef August Gusteau, Remy finds himself in Paris, at a skylight looking into Gusteau’s restaurant. Linguini, the garbage boy gets himself into a mess that Remy helps him out of. There begins his fantastic journey of becoming a chef.

HAPPY FEET: Mumble cannot sing. And for an Emperor Penguin that is the worst thing that can happen. How can he woo his mate if he cannot sing? Mumble has a secret! He can tap dance. But will his dancing get him his heart’s desire, Gloria? Lovely music and great dancing.

RIO: A crate with a male blue macaw hatchling falls out of a truck and is found by Linda Gunderson, who calls him Blu. Fast forward 15 years. Linda now owns a bookstore and Blu is a beautiful, domesticated bird that cannot fly. Then comes the invitation to visit Rio de Janeiro from ornithologist Tulio Monteiro. So Linda and Blu are off, little knowing the adventure that awaits them.