“What's your name?”


“You are a good flier, zooming through the sky, you are indeed an elegant flier”

“Thank you indeed. In my short stint I want to know how selfless my hard work is”

“But how come you are able to venture into the big skies? No offence meant , but have you ever felt being too small among others?”

“Yes, indeed in my childhood I have thought that I was too small to do tasks like migrating. But now I'm definitely sure that I can overcome all odds!”

“For me, a bird like you is truly an inspiration. What is your inspiration?”

“I owe my inspiration to many, mostly to my parents who have been the lamp. Then the almighty for being the fire and my fellow robins who have been the light and finally myself!

“I don't want to disturb your busy day. So I'll wind this up with one more question. Do you enjoy your life as a robin?”

“Of course, I enjoy my life. I live life because I have a quest. I strongly believe you do not have to be big to accomplish big things. So as a small bird, with a smaller flutter, I enjoy things far greater to me. Anyway, bye-bye. Nice talking to you.”

Aravind S. Kumar, VI D

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