Last vacation, I had gone to Mexico with my uncle, dreaming of comfort, but the polluted air had almost choked me to death by the time I got back home. When I did a detailed search on this condition, I found out that in 1992, the United Nations had described it as the most polluted air on the planet. Six years later, this city also earned the title of “the most dangerous city in the world for children”.

This is a reputation Mexico has been trying hard to erase. Despite more than a decade of stringent pollution-control measures, a dull haze hangs over the city on most days, obscuring, the stunning snow-capped mountains that frame the city and endangering the health of its inhabitants. This could be our future too. So let's start working hard to stop pollution.

Ananthakrishnan R., VIII D, Arya Central School

Keywords: Mexicoair pollution