Our tryst with destiny

Once Chachaji made a tryst with destiny. Today we Indians can also make a tryst with destiny – that is by giving shelter to poor children. We can show them the love of humanity, which they have never yet seen, we can show them the love of brotherhood, which they have never yet experienced. We can open the world of love and affection to them. Let those children open a new page in their book of magical words. Let us give them a home and allow them to achieve their greatness.

Fibin Filal, VIII B, Sainik School, Kazhakootam, Thiruvananthapuram

My friend

One day I was walking through the world of “friendship”. I could not find a friend. I looked at all the faces and I could not find her. Suddenly I saw someone smiling at me. She shared her candy with me and she told me all the stories she had heard from her grandma. I wondered, “Did she call me her friend?” suddenly a strong wind blew, she smiled and stopped. Such a powerful smile. My heart gives out a smile which was the first bond of our friendship. And now we are best friends.

Irine Boby, VII C, Vimala Public School, Thodupuzha

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