Little Scholar School sent out the message of a “smokeless Deepavalli”.

The boom of the “Lakshmi Bomb”, the crackling sound of the variety of fireworks, topping it with the endless fissure of rockets - Is it celebration? Think again.

Bringing the spirit of a noiseless, smokeless Deepavali, the Eco Club of Little Scholar School, celebrated the festival of lights in a unique way.

Their motto was “As pollution is the biggest demon in today's world, let us destroy it like Krishna destroyed Narakasura.”

Indeed! The school's premises did not stink of harmful smoke, instead it flourished with greenery. The students were given a tulsi plant each.

Instead of giving bouquets which have a plastic cover we felt it was better to give tulsi plants. The children were happy,” says Sunita, Principal, Little Scholar School.

Great gift

Shreya Agarwal, Std. X, adds “The gift of the tulsi plant, which has medicinal value gave out the message that we must celebrate the festival of light in a smokeless and in a environment friendly way. I personally believe the same.

We must light diyas in our home and if one wants to celebrate or burst crackers, one could do it with sparklers.”

While Social Service Club, Pallavi Model School opined it is better to reduce the bursting crackers rather than stopping it all at once. They invited students of National Institute of Mental Health to take part in the celebrations.

Says Harsha, a Std VIII student of Pallavi Model School, “We decorated the stage with diyas.

We were told of the harmful effects of crackers on the environment and were requested to reduce the usage of crackers instead of stopping it completely at once.”

Explaining the importance of lighting diyas, Slate School invited grandparents of the students and performed skits and dances.

Deepavali this year was celebrated in its true sense.

For the well-being of each other, bringing families together and also, protecting the environment.