She seemed to be the only teacher in school who used to crack jokes with the students. She always wore light-coloured sarees. There was a time when all I ever looked forward to were her classes. She was the one who opened doors to the wonders of Biology. She was fun-loving and easy-going. But woe betides anyone who dared cross her. Her occasional lectures used to end with us laughing our heads off. I prayed hard that she would be my teacher again this year, but no such luck. But she will always remain in my heart as the one teacher who taught me to live life in the moment and that teachers are the greatest treasures one can have in their life.

I am glad that Ms. Suja is so young at heart and is an excellent counsellor. I will always remember her ‘dodos’ and ‘dumbos’. I will make sure that this Teacher’s Day will be her most memorable one!

Lekshmi P., IX A, Holy Angels’ ISC School, Thiruvananthapuram