I was pretty excited when the holidays started. I had a feeling that it would be one of the best ever because my parents promised they would take me and my sister on a tour, no matter what.

Some weeks later, I was still stuck at home when my grandmother, who lives with my uncle, aunt and cousins, called us to say that they are planning a trip to Ooty and wanted us to come along. My sister and I were thrilled.

On the first day, we went to Malampuzha. We dropped grandma at a relative’s house and visited the Malampuzha Gardens. There were a variety of flowers and it was a great place. The presence of many people also made the place cheerful and exciting. We took a walk across the dam and also saw the Yakshi statue.

It was almost 7 p.m. and getting quite dark, making the place a little creepy. Time went by quickly without any of us realising it and we had to rush out when the park was about to close.

We spent the night with grandma at the relative’s house and started for Ooty at dawn. Grandma preferred to stay back.

At the hotel, we freshened up and the water was ice cold! After breakfast, we went to the boat house and then to the Wax World. Later we went for a horse ride and even though I was nervous, I simply laughed it off. Later at the hotel, we played dumb charades and other games. The following day, we went to the Botanical Gardens, where we took a lot of photos.

After a long, tiring journey, we came back to Malampuzha. We also went to Tipu Sultan’s fort and then returned home.

I told my friends about the trip and spent the rest of the summer at home, bored but content, and finished my holiday homework.

Anagha Jayaraj, VIII B, KV No. 2, Kochi