Every day I used to take a particular bus to office. I am a bit late today. I like not only the bus but also the middle-aged purple-eyed gentleman in it. He is a friendly and witty person. He never revealed his identity. So I call him, “Pan”. Just then the bus came to a stop. I rushed into it. As usual Mr. Pan sat there staring at me with a grin on his face. I sat next to him. “Late, I guess?” asked Mr. Pan. “Yah!” I replied.

I used to talk to him about almost everything. The vehicle stopped. I said, “See you!” and got down.

This practice continued for a long time. One day, as usual I started for my office expecting the usual journey. The sky grew wilder. There was thunder and lightning. I waited for long for the bus. This time the bus was late. I got into the bus. I was shocked.

Mr. Pan was not in the bus. I remembered his words. “I'll never go away. If I am not in the bus you will know that I am dead!” I walked close to the seat. I sat on it. I didn't even know his real name or address. With a sad feeling I looked down. Then I noticed a piece of paper which read “Yours affectionately, Pan.”

Sreemukund R. is a Std IX B student at Cochin Refineries School