Human race has gone through many significant events in history. Yet there is one thing that poses serious concern for humanity — peace. Does mankind not deserve it? The greatest irony is that we are helpless and fighting for peace.

If we look back, we’ll see that from the time man drew lines over land, splitting it into different pieces with each piece trying to dominate and rule over the other, peace has been elusive.

It is imperative for us to take this seriously. The thought of a world sans violence gives a sense of serenity. A global organisation such as the United Nations is doing its best to keep things under control. Still we fight wars and terrorism on a regular basis.

The problem is not that these things are happening, but the way we face them. We are initially shocked, then find ourselves glued to the television, retain the visuals, have discussions and debates on the same and after a couple of days, the issue itself dies.

We are aware of everything, but we go about our lives rather than stand up and fight. We brush it off as fate. We must have zero tolerance toward anything that spreads violence and disrupts peace.

World peace is the need of the hour. War is never a solution. It only worsens what is already there. No matter who wins, in the end, both sides stand to lose. Let’s spread the message of love and our collective efforts will, no doubt, bring about a positive change.

The writer is a student of class X, Bhaktavatsalam Vidyashram