When I was a kid, I used to be scared of exams. One day, we planned to go shopping and I was jumping with joy. I ran around excitedly, dressed up in my favourite clothes and hopped into the car. All day long we shopped and had a delicious lunch. I was walking through the corridors of a mall and a big surprise awaited me. I met my classmate’s sister. She was surprised seeing me at the mall. She asked me whether I had prepared for my exam. In the excitement I had totally forgotten about it. I ran to my dad, and asked, “When are we going home?” He asked me why I wanted to know. With my eyes full of tears, I told him about my exams. He shouted at me and I started weeping. I cried loudly. I heard my mom calling out to me. I opened my eyes and my mom asked me why I was crying. I came back to this world. I then realised I was crying in my dream.

Saanjana Harish, IX N Jawahar HSS, Neyveli