Recently I had the privilege of visiting Adarsha — a school for physically challenged children. On the way we had the privilege of being joined by Vijay Menon, a socialist. We reached Adarsha at about 10:45 a.m. and witnessed the school assembly. We were then asked to interact with the children.

There were lots of children who could do interesting things. There was one child who could type with his legs, and another was a walking wikipedia on cricket! One fact that makes me feel proud is that the Std X students were going to write their board exams!

They aren't the only children with disability; there is a whole world of them. After this visit, I became more sensitive towards the physically challenged or the “differently-abled” children as they are called now. They can do things that we can't. Every one of us is unique in some way, especially them. So I hope you too will help them in some way.

Shivanand is a student of B.V.M., Eroor