Cinderella was in town recently. The audience was mesmerised by her ethereal beauty.

The event generated a lot of excitement. Cinderella and Prince Charming were brought to the city by Disney so that the city could get a chance to meet this fairytale couple. It was the first time Cinderella was visiting India and it was a promotional tour. The storm in Ampa Mall could not be contained, for everyone wanted to meet Cinderella.

Dressed in a blue gown, wearing blue slippers, the beautiful princess walked out of her castle swaying to the music.

Cinderella looked as ethereal and magical as we imagine her to be. Prince Charming joined her soon and they performed for the audience.

Everyone was lost in the magical world as Cinderella and Prince Charming danced away.

Earlier there were sessions of story telling and goodies given away to children.

There were some among the crowd who had not heard of Cinderella but even they cheered the couple from Disneyland.

And even when the dance show came to an end the audience was still in a trance. Everyone was thrilled to be a part of an enchanting experience.

AMRITHAA PADMANABHAN, VII, St. Sebastian MHSS: Cinderella is my favourite story. I had to come to see my favourite princess. I really wish I can take a picture with her. The character I hated in the story is her stepmother. And another Disney story that I really like is Beauty and the Beast.

RACHNA KABRA, IV and MAHIMA RADHI, V, DAV Mogappair: Both of us know the story of Cinderella. We love reading books and have also watched the movie. We came to know about this through the ads. What we really like about Cinderella are her clothes and her mesmerising look. We hate the step sisters, they are evil and rude. The only other princess we love is Ariel and we are even wearing her clips.

LOKESH, VI, SRI Krishnaswamy, Annanagar: I don't know the story of Cinderella. I read books, but have never read this. I came to see the show so this will be the first time for me.

PRANAV, II, Chinmaya Vidyalaya: I have read the book. My grandmother told me the story. I don't like the Prince because of his actions and looks.

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Archana SubramanianJune 28, 2012