The earth is in the ICU – and will continue to be there until we control the emissions now and reduce it by 70 per cent of the present levels by 2050.

Global warming resulting from human activity is 10 times greater than that from the changes in the sun's activities.

Up to 30 per cent of the plant and animals species will be vulnerable to extinction in the next 50 years.

One billion people, that is one in every six persons on earth today could be forced to leave their homes over the next 40 years. Many big rivers the world over are drying up and many do not reach the seas anymoe.

In India global warming will directly increase the water crisis and it is a threat to food security. Changes include desertification, drought and rise in sea levels, and lack of water .

The earth is 4,600 million years old. This kind of time hardly makes an impact on us. What we can relate to is an imaginary time scale. So let us assume that the earth is 46 years old.

Life began in the seas and oceans 38 years ago. It developed from an organism to more complicated life forms. Two years ago dinosaurs made their appearance and they became extinct 12 months ago.

Industrialisation with its vast network of machines, began one minute ago and in this one minute we have wrought havoc on earth.

V. Malavika, IV G, D.A.V. Public School