Summer vacation is not only a time for watching television or chatting with friends, but also a great time to engage in activities such as cycling, swimming and painting among other things. I decided to go for something that I hadn’t done before. I chose cooking. Instead of sitting at home and trying to make dishes, I went to a cooking class. At the Home Chef Cookery School, classes were taken by a well-known chef, and my sister Shireen and cousin Reva also accompanied me.

The first day was exciting as we were taught how to chop vegetables and to make basic dishes. Everyone was kind and we were given full freedom. I made a lot of friends in the first two days. I learnt to make two of my favourite dishes, drums of heaven and chicken fried rice. I tried making it at home with my sister and cousin and it turned out well. I was thrilled when my parents appreciated my first culinary experiment.

A day for the poor was also organised and we made enough to feed them. On the last day, a competition was held. We were divided into groups and had to make three dishes. The group which made the best food wins. My sister’s group won the competition and their team got trophies.

I loved my time there and want to go back next year.

Aaliyah Mishal, VII, Silver Hills Public School, Kozhikode