Children’s Day is the most planned and awaited day for children. The aroma from the food stalls, the excitement of playing in the game zone and a chance to be free from studies is what makes children lively on this day.

We celebrate this day to commemorate Jawaharlal Nehru’s love for children. Actually, Nehru was so fond of children that his birthday came to be celebrated as Children’s Day.

Many programmes are organised on this day. Children are given the freedom to eat, play and enjoy themselves. Children come smartly dressed to school and have fun. For once, parents and teachers don’t complain. But, what about the children who are not as lucky as us? There are children who barely have time to sit and rest from the work they are made to do; enjoyment on Children’s Day is unknown to them.

These children do not have enough resources to spare for a festive occasion. Apart from pitying them, can’t we do something? I suggest that school children come up with ideas that would make the underprivileged children feel special, and include them in their celebration.

Ribhu Das Purkayastha, VII, A, Delhi Public School, Indore