The annual day celebrations of Excel Public School highlighted the need for a greener tomorrow.

The students of Excel Public School, Kunnamkulam, presented yet another thematic gala show with a difference for the third year in succession in connection with the school's annual day celebrations.

The extravaganza titled ‘Sarvam Saha…' was a theatrical expedition to nature and was centred on the theme ‘Nature and the Woman', depicting the ever forbearing Mother and Mother Earth.

Need of the hour

Apart from songs, dramas, dances and music, there were recitations of poems by great poets on nature, which explored the different facets of the enduring Mother. The show was a reminder of the injustice, intolerance and ingratitude shown by mankind towards many women and nature.

It was an exhortation from the students to listen to the wails of Mother Nature and at the same time a warning that women and nature would not forever remain mute sufferers. This was a call to go back to nature and a plea for a green way of life.

The scenes were effectively interwoven and presented on three stages without interruption. It portrayed effectively the nuances of all expressions and touched the finer feelings of all present. It kept the audience spell bound for more than three and a half hours. There were moments when tears rolled down their cheeks watching the patient, tolerant moans of the Mother and Nature.

The chief guest, M.G. Rajamanickam, Asst. Collector of Thrissur, stated that the theme, the message and the presentation were par excellence. It was a great lesson for the participants as well as the spectators.

A memorable finale

Saplings were distributed to parents, for a greener tomorrow. A pledge taken by the students, teachers and parents to protect and preserve nature, all holding lighted candles, brought the show to a memorable climax.