This is the story of a boy named Appu. He was studying in Std III in a village school. On August 14, the Headmaster announced that the next day there would be a procession and that everyone had to bring a small national flag. Appu went back home. He was very sad because he did not know how to make a flag. His father was out of station. He thought that his mother might not know how to make one. So he kept quiet. Somehow he managed to get a stick from the garden.

The next day, he was in a dilemma whether to go to school or not. At last he decided to go to school but by that time he was late. When he reached the school, the procession had already started. With shame and sadness, he joined the procession with the stick in his hand. He saw everyone was carrying the national flag. He almost started to cry. Suddenly, a teacher came and took his stick from his hand and gave him a flag. He was very happy and joyfully participated in the procession.

Manasa is a Std V A student at Bhavan's Adarsha Vidhyalaya, Kakkanad