One night while we were driving around in Germany our car stopped suddenly and we got down to see if the car had run out of gas. But that was not the reason for the breakdown. We were stranded and we waited for hours and it was almost midnight before a tall menacing looking man came by. We were scared to ask him but as he walked closer we could not help notice a warm smile on his face.

But something held us back. We had been warned about the many thefts that occurred in Germany and we were just not able to ask him for help. So we decided to approach cautiously and we were almost expecting some stern or rude reply when all we heard was a happy voice saying, “Hey folks why are you standing here?”

Happy with this, we told him all about our drive and the breakdown. In turn he told us about the Disco bus that usually came around one o clock. He invited us to his home and it was there that we got to know that he was an African settled in Germany. He was interested in our culture and we shared a lot of trivia.

One hour passed quickly and soon we were each other good bye as we boarded the Disco bus and made our way home.