A novel way to interact and a learning process under the GSP.

Lourdes Central School, Bejai, ventured into Global School Partnership with Pilton, the Bluecoat C of E Junior School, Devon, England, and is all set to step into its third year. This is an effort to discover the international dimension within the school curriculum with emphasis on understanding different cultures.

Virtual interactions

Ian Thomas, GSP co-ordinator and teacher from the school in England, said that under this partnership, 66 students from each school have been e-linked to exchange information one-to-one through e-mails and chatting with multiple students through Rafi.ki.kidogo and also video conferencing.

He visited the school, recently along with the deputy head teacher Rhian Nichole, Amanda King, a teacher and Ann Gregory, the assistant teacher. “The cultural exchange and the video diary of Indian students has had a tremendous impact on the students in England and they are making a project on India for the last six months,” he added. “Further, effective communication, passion fuelled due to the cultural diversity and good management structure have made this partnership a success,” he said.

Tamara Mehta, of Std VI, who is part of the project under GSP, said that through the project they had to learn various aspects of British culture such as festivals, food habits and lifestyle. What we understood was that in a way our cultures are similar; it is just that we do things in a different manner.


Divina, Std V, and a member of the team that has taken up bio-diversity as its project, said, “We now have a greater awareness about animals, their habitat and protection and are learning about species that are on the brink of extinction. Further, through e-mail interactions with our e-pals in England, a comparative study of educational methods too has been possible.”

Prathyush of Std VI, a member of the team involved in the project, on sustainable development, said that the project has helped them understand the ill-effects of global warming. “It also has given us an understanding of the need for conservation of fuel, afforestation and thereby created an awareness to save environment for our future,” said Viren, Std VI. “It was a rich experience to exchange views with e-pal on Rafi.ki.kidogo,” added Eulalia Pereira of Std VI. While for Ahad of the same class, the net interaction on varied topics such as hobbies to school syllabus, was a fun experience.