Civic bodies have been following different formats while applying for change in land use leading to much confusion and to avoid this the government has come out with a uniform format

Close on the heels of issuing the common building rules for all urban areas in Andhra Pradesh, the State Government has also issued a uniform format for approving applications seeking change in land use in the State.

Many urban bodies especially the fast growing cities and towns receive several applications from land owners seeking changes in the land use as was incorporated into the master plans or where the plans have outlived their time. These land changes could be from residential to commercial or from agriculture to residential and the likes. Municipal Corporations, Urban Development Authorities (UDAs) and municipalities have traditionally been following different formats for applying for change in land use leading to much confusion. It was also realised that objections and suggestions were being received even after the confirmation and modification of the master plans concerned. And because land use change and thereby variations in the master plan was being notified in the official gazette, local citizens were unaware of the same. A committee headed by the Director of Town & Country Planning (DTCP) B. Purushothama Reddy scanned through the rules being followed by Urban Development Authorities (UDAs), Municipal Corporations and Municipalities to bring out a simpler format.

A common application and scrutiny format for applying and even for verification by the regulatory authorities was prepared, accepted and issued as an official memo by the Government few days ago. The new form with about a dozen pages has columns which have to be filled with location of the proposed site, land ownership, site area information, master plan details, access, ground position, documents to be submitted, local body’s check list during technical scrutiny, assessment of traffic police if need be, etc.

A State level committee headed by the Principal Secretary of Municipal Administration & Urban Development Department is the only empowered body to give final clearances for any land use. The committee will also have DTCP, heads of the urban development bodies or the urban local body and planning officials as members.