Some builders bring in a unique quotient, setting your home apart from the run-of-the-mill variety. A look by Nandhini Sundar

You are offered a choice of a spacious penthouse with a panoramic view of the city or a plush villa in a posh location. Yet you are unsatisfied. You are looking for something special, something out of the ordinary, that unique quotient setting your home apart from the run-of-the-mill variety.

In short, you are seeking a bit of novelty that not only blends in warmth and charm but makes it a pride residence. Developers are increasingly coming up with innovative features to not only cater to this demand but increase saleability of their projects by adding a tag of exclusivity in the luxury segment.

This exclusivity manifests not just as thematic creations but in the finer detailing of interiors as well as structural features where the final presentation is a totally unique, captivating experience.

Masculine and feminine

Chaithanya Projects has come up with a set of villas in its Oaksville project, where the exteriors sport a very contemporary, masculine décor. The interiors are intensely feminine, blending in the warmth and softness of the outdoors, making one wonder where the interiors stop and outdoors begin.

Each villa is skilfully designed to retain maximum privacy while imbibing glass extensively into the structure. Each villa has its own swimming pool and garden. The living room literally extends into the garden and pool, with the walls separating the two areas being sheer glass. It gives the feel of having a lush garden and pool in the living area.

The wood-simulated wall cladding adds to this earthy scene, further enhancing the charm of outdoors. The sheer glass opening on to the garden gives the illusion of an expansive living area, increasing its dimension. Incidentally, the glass walls are not confined to the living room alone but extend to the bedrooms on the upper floor, overlooking the garden and pool below.

The wooden deck around the pool lends a rustic look, making the pool appear more as a decorative water body. The exquisite cascade of water flowing into the pool gives the impression of a wooded waterfall region rather than a pool in a villa garden.

A tree for every villa

The fine detailing does not stop with the concept of bringing in the outdoors inside, but extends to every aspect of the interiors as well as common areas. For instance, every villa sports an oak tree and the interiors feature oak wood extensively, keeping with the project name.

The lighting in common areas is designed to appear like stars at night. Great deliberation is evident in the selection of plants and their alignment, blending finely into the exteriors.

Says Guru Prasad, Managing Director, Chaithanya Projects, “The objective is to create not just villas with high-end fittings but provide a lifestyle that is both exquisite and unique, in a setting that is totally rejuvenating as well as exceptional.”

Truly rejuvenating

Windmills of the Mind, an apartment complex developed by Total Environment, is another project that packs in stunning interiors that are not only exclusive but truly rejuvenating.

Each of the duplex apartments comes with a water body and garden, complete with a wooden deck and double-height French windows that feature not only in the living room but in the upper floor too, housing the family room and bedrooms.

The double height ceiling in the living room, with its wood-simulated wall cladding, looks majestic, with a touch of wilderness seeping in from the lush garden and water body accompanying it. The view of the library from the living area adds a colonial touch to the otherwise contemporary setting.

The family area in the upper floor, extending from the library, has the luxury of opening on to a glass deck which in turn overlooks the garden below. The glass deck serves as a unique contrast in the otherwise woody setting.

Seated in the living room, it is hard to believe that the apartment is perched far above the ground, the lush green outdoors merely a part of the large patio. The view of the greenery is not confined to the living area alone, with all the bedrooms sporting glass walls overlooking the garden.

While the lush garden speaks of wilderness, the gadgets housed in the apartment serve as a contrast, with a high degree of home automation incorporated, lending the lifestyle of a super luxury home.

Warmth of nature

Says Kamal Sagar, Chairman and Managing Director, Total Environment, “The idea was not to provide a development that is totally unique, but create a home that has all the warmth of nature. Essentially, even though it is an apartment, it needs to feel like a home on the ground. Bringing in the greenery and water body ensures that.”

Total environment is also coming up with another novel project where the villas are to be earth sheltered with the roof of every villa covered by vegetation. The ceiling being curved, the units with their lush green cover serve not only as efficient heat management residences, but also blend in seamlessly into the green common areas.

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