When industrialist P.I. Peter bought a flat in Padur, he wanted to change it completely to suit his style. He contacted Nithya and Co. and gave them a free hand for two months. “We initially studied his work and we gathered that he needs more space. He comes home only to rest so his comforts need to be taken care of. He’s a vegetarian and lives on a strict fruit and vegetable diet. So we had to cater to all these needs when redesigning,” says Udayanan, founder, Nithya and Co.

The original plan was a 3BHK flat of 2,400 sq ft. The walls were knocked down and the false ceiling replaced. The living room became a space to relax and entertain. A drop-down screen separates the personal and professional space. Three bedrooms have been made into one bedroom cum office. “He travels a lot and works out of home, so he needed a space to hold meetings. The hall can accommodate about 15 to 20 people,” says Udhayanan.

The three attached bathrooms were also changed. While two remain, attached to the bedroom and the office, the third was converted into a fruit bar. The open kitchen has a pantry outlet. Floor tiles were changed to give a wooden finish, window screens changed to a pastel shade to provide natural light without compromising privacy. A few plants on the balcony bring it to life.

Dry bathrooms, water jet showers, LED light fixtures and better air-conditioners lessen the damage to the environment while video door phones add to safety - the refurbished apartment is less cluttered, eco-friendly and works as a private den.