For those who wish to feel the patriotic emotions round the year, Nerolac comes out with its concept of colours for home in vibrant orange, white and green

As the nation celebrates Republic Day, Nerolac has come out with its concept of colours for home for the occasion and what it suggests is simply put, Paint it Patriotic!

Some wear the flag on their sleeves, some on the hood of their car. Some flaunt it over the top, others feel it in their heart. With such diverse tastes in the country, each has a different way of expressing patriotism.

For those who wish to feel those emotions round the year, they can simply paint their homes in the vibrant colours of orange, white and green. While painting each wall in tri-colour is not recommended, there are much subtle and classy ways of incorporating the republican glory in your home, says Nerolac.


Touted as the ‘statement' colour, Orange holds the potential to add dynamicity to the interiors. As it stands between yellow and red, it strikes just the right balance between subdue and loud. Signifying spirituality in our culture, it remains a popular choice for Puja rooms.

With an affinity to draw attention to itself, orange can easily be employed in the less-noticed parts of your home. Light pastel shades of orange can work very well on the psyche of children, thus sparking off creativity. Orange has an inherent trait of warmth that can make your home feel cosy and bright at the same time. Recommended Space: Kitchen, Children's room and Puja room.


The colour white may come across as drab to some, but it is simple and contemporary. And it is making a huge comeback! Interior designers pick white for a classy and clean look. Due to its ability to not distract, white remains a popular colour for study rooms.

Like any other colour, white also has a variety of undertones and tints, making the selection process somewhat tricky. Gone are the times when the world was divided into white and off-white.

Now, there is pure white that work for new spaces, the antique tint that makes the place look lived in, the creamy white that creates a serene and homogenous space. Layering various shades of white is a stylish option too. India White also keeps the living environment cool as it absorbs less heat.

Recommended Space: Study room.


As the dominant mood of the year 2012 is ecology, ‘green' has become a principle of living, designing and manufacturing. Shades of green ranging from lime to sap green to avocado are representative of ecological and conscious living choices. Fresh shades of green not only represent the cleansing of the home by bringing in a bright, natural look but also have a calming effect on the body and mind. Recommended Space – Living room, Balconies.