Immortal words

A compilation of passages from various works of Vaikom Muhammad Basheer, the book has extracts categorised into 15 topics such as woman, love, friendship, freedom, Gandhi, non-violence, spirituality and the like. Basheer’s world view is evident in this work.

Basheerinte Kazhchakal, compiled by M.N. Karassery, Rs. 110

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A tribute

The author salutes the literature of K. Saraswathiyamma, who was never given her due as a writer during her lifetime. Saraswathiyamma, a loner, was different from other women writers and she moved away from the conventional images one relates with womanhood, be it of marriage or motherhood. The book is a study of her literary and personal life.

K.Saraswathiyamma: Ottakku Vazhinadannaval, P.K. Kanakalatha, Rs. 160

Music treasure

The book presents the 72 melaragamritham of Koteeswara Iyer. The kritis written in Tamil and Manipravalam have been translated into Malayalam, along with the swara positions. It comes with a CD that has S. Rajam’s rendition of all the kritis.

Melaraagamrutham, transliteration of Kandaganamudam of Koteeswara Iyer by Ajith Namboothiri, Rs. 225

World of theatre

Through 22 articles, divided into four segments, the author moves through theatre culture in India and its evolution. It also covers the life and times of stalwarts and the state of women’s theatre. The female presence in Malayalam theatre and the significance of the women’s theatre movement have been highlighted.

Aranginte Vakabhedangal, Sajitha Madathil, Rs. 130

Fiction and facts

A compilation of literary studies by the late K.P. Appan. Although his dream was to introduce 100 novels of world literature to Malayalis, he could complete only 25 studies.

Fictionte Avathaaraleelakal, K.P. Appan, Rs. 90

A novel experience

A collection of 11 short stories by social reformer–writer V.T.Bhattathirippad. These stories, which blur theborders of story and essay, blend emotion and criticisms, and are often satirical.

V.T.yude Kathakal, V.T. Bhattathirippad, Rs. 70

Tender vignettes

“The author presents surprising facets of women,” writes Khadeeja Mumtaz in her foreword to the book. The author attributes it to her free-spirited childhood, sans religious or social restrictions. She chose her characters from the world around her.

Neelalohitham, Sheeba E.K., Rs. 75

Against injustice

The work is a compilation of Sugathakumari’s new poems, and verses in other languages translated by the poet into Malayalam. She always writes and speaks against any injustice, be it on Nature or humans.

Kudathile Kadal, Sugathakumari, Rs. 70


What’s inside – Malayalam books February 21, 2013