Amateurs and first timers added life to the characters.

It was skilful handling of a sensitive theme by writer-director, Tiruchi George, in his social play, ‘Puthiya Oviyam’ staged at the Rasika Ranjana Sabha, Tiruchi, recently.

Jeevan (Velazhagan), an artist projects his wife Gowri as a nude model and mentions it as a passing reference to his friend Ravi (Pradeep) during a conversation. An upset Gowri decides to live away from Jeevan.

Months later Jeevan happens to see his wife working as a health assistant in a nursing home run by his doctor friend, Baskar (Athithan), who desires to marry her. Ironically, he requests Jeevan to help him. Jeevan is now caught in a dilemma.

Help comes in the form of his friend Ravi who explains the relationship between Jeevan and Gowri to Baskar, who apologises to Jeevan. After the usual twists and turns, the drama ends on a happy note.

The cast was made up of amateurs and first timers such as Viswabharathi, Jothi, Mohan and music director, Dennis Vallabhan. The veteran director had made the artists infuse life into the characters. Crisp dialogue added value to the production.