‘Pareeksha’ Tamil Theatre group will perform Thedungal directed by journalist, social activist and theatre personality Gnani on October 2, Sunday. Badal Sircar’s Michil is Thedungal in Tamil. The youth, crushed by numerous rallies around him and the old man who has lost his way are both in search of a real procession of human beings that will show them the way to their real home. Will the procession of human beings professing love, ever come? Pareeksha’s version has transformed the play to the contemporary Tamil milieu.

‘Pareeksha’ is a pioneering theatre group founded in 1978 and has introduced the plays of Vijay Tendulkar, Badal Sircar, Brecht, Priestley and Pinter in Tamil besides the Tamil works of Indira Parthasarathi, Na. Muthusami, Jeyanthan, Pirabanjan, Aranthai Narayanan, Ambai, S.M.A. Ram, Sundra Ramasami, Gnani Arigner Anna to the theatre audiences of Chennai.

Badal Sircar is the founder of the street and open space theatre as a movement in India. He introduced the new concept of third theatre, and spread the principles of theatre for ‘conscientisation’. His plays continue to be regularly performed in several Indian languages.

Thedungal by Gnani will be staged on October 2, Sunday at 6.30 pm at Spaces, 1, Eliots Beach Road, Besant Nagar. Contact: Gnani 94440-24947