The play ‘Some Times’ takes a look at the life of a fun-loving young man and the crazy situations he ends up in as a result of his habits

Venue: Ravindra Bharathi

Date and Time: August 25, 7.30 p.m.

The ingredients to a good laugh are in line. Twenty-something advertising professional Paramjit Singh Duggal has a demanding boss. The girlfriend wants commitment, the mother desires grandchildren and the father needs a helping hand in business. Adhaar Khurana wanted Some Times , his second directorial venture, to be an easy peek into the life of a young, urban man. It perches itself in situations part of every day life. The script by Adhir Bhatt and Bobby Nagra has drawn a lot from the lives around them. The stories may be familiar for the city-bred, nevertheless, there is food for thought for the audience. Paramjit’s seemingly fun life, between the weed and the whiskey, also demands some serious sorting out. Akvarious Productions’ Some Times has travelled quite a bit after its premiere last summer. Adhaar has taken it to New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Baroda, Goa and Bangalore.