Christmas is the greatest and grandest event in human history. Its celebration and jubilation should be external and internal, now and forever. That day, the Son of God became son of man, to make sons of men sons of God. He who was divine became human, the infinite turned to finite, spirit took the form of flesh. He who was the brightness of His glory and the express image of God, chose to be the Redeemer and Saviour.

Born in a wayside stable, he divided time into two. Love became flesh and blood at Advent. Agape love of the Creator spread abroad to the sin-soaked soul, so God might dwell to make man god-like, to serve the deprived and the dejected and those devoured by pain, problems and pride due to sin, self and Satan. He became poor to make us rich. Shepherds in the fields of Bethlehem were awestruck at the glory of heavenly angels: they were no more illiterate or ignorant. The joyous songs of glad tidings of great joy made their night into day. They ran to see the babe in the manger. The day dawned in the inner being of the wise Magi of the East and the sun of righteousness revealed his kingship through a bright star. Seeking the truth, they were unable to withhold their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The shine of Christmas is to the rich and poor, as also to the wise and the foolish. Jesus bridges gulfs and demolishes barriers. What He gives is far more than what we give. It is giving, sharing, loving, lifting, living, leading and healing in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, striving together for His principles and purposes, which is the true festival.

The Psalmist says: “For the Lord God is sun and shield” (84:11). The sun is the source of inexorable energy, power and life. So Jesus turns the ego-centric, self-centred into the God-centred. Parents and children become sunflowers along the orbit of the Sun of Righteousness, who never goes down or diminishes. Sons of men in the Son, shine and reflect holiness, peace and love. Lord Jesus in the heart and life is the real Merry Christmas.

T. Prabhakara Rao, Machilipatnam

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