We should serve the Lord in whatever manner possible, and not think of any one way of serving Him as superior to another.

Some may be priests in temples; some may be assigned the task of cooking food in the temple kitchen; some may string flowers together for the Lord, to make pretty garlands; some may be the bearers of the Lord’s palanquin; some may clean the temple. None of these jobs is to be considered lowly.

So in case a man is a priest, but is called upon to give a hand with the palanquin, since one of the bearers is on leave, he must not think twice about helping out. He must not think that since he is a priest, he should not be asked to do other tasks, said M.A. Venkatakrishnan.

Humility in serving the Lord will lead us into praying that the Lord should enter our hearts. We must always think of His happiness as paramount.

Krishna liked to tease the Gopikas. Once He said to a Gopika that He was going to leave her.

She assumed that He was going to graze the cows, and she issued a warning that He must be careful, in case there were asuras waiting to kill Him. Krishna then tells her that He is not going to tend the cows, but is going to be in the company of some other maiden.

The Gopika tells Him that she does not mind this at all. All she cares for is His safety and His happiness. She will be happy to see Him in the company of any other maiden, so long as she knows He is safe. Such should be our attitude to the Lord. While we may desire to serve Him in some way, even the assignment of such tasks to us is something the Lord does. If we are not able to serve Him, we must simply accept that too as His will, and not complain.

A funny story is told of an author, who wrote in the introduction to his book, that his book was dedicated to his wife, without whose absence the writing of the book would have been impossible.

Thus sometimes, it may be that the Lord may desire our absence.

We must not be upset, but should have the grace to accept even that as His will.

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