Realised souls are able to perceive God’s presence everywhere and in every object. This rare perception gives them fearlessness and strength of mind to face life’s challenges.

In a discourse, Swami Paramasukhananda drew attention to Kunti’s hymn to Krishna that teaches the truth that devotion, faith and adherence to dharma are equal to God’s presence. Kunti is ever grateful to Krishna for His constant support to her family throughout their chequered life.

Duryodhana’s enmity to the Pandava princes had taken root early in life when even as children they all grew up in Hastinapura. Bheema’s extraordinary physical strength always irked Duryodhana and his brothers. Since they could not match it, they invariably became victims of it. No wonder, the sons of Dhritarashtra began to nurse a deep hatred for Bheema from their very infancy. Sakuni fanned the flame of jealousy in Duryodhana. He would point out that their number as hundred is always unjustly pitted against the five Pandavas. Duryodhana was made to dream that he, and not Yudhishtira, is the heir apparent. To make Duryodhana understand the unreasonableness of this desire, Bheema once hit him powerfully on his head. With insult added to injury, Duryodhana was determined to do away with Bheema; for without him, the Pandavas would not have the courage to face Duryodhana’s might. A picnic is arranged, and Duryodhana tempts Bheema with delicious food items that are poisoned. The hearty eater that he is, Bheema falls into the trap and becomes drowsy. They drop him off in the waters of the Yamuna, but Bheema returns unhurt after a visit to Nagaloka.

The unseen power of God’s grace saves Bheema from being exploited by this deadly trick. When the Pandavas escape from another gory plot that would have burnt them alive in the lac palace, Kunti sees God’s form in the devout Vidhura whose tip-off to Yudhishtira helps them out of the danger.

When Bheema fights Baka, Kunti attributes Bheema’s strength as derived from God’s infinite greatness. Who else but Krishna could save Draupadi when her modesty is outraged in public?

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