The continuous refrain in scriptures is that the Supreme Brahman is beyond the power of words, mind and even intellect. Yet they attempt to describe this marvellous phenomenon and rely on the utterances of the Sages of yore who had been able to glimpse and intuitively grasp this truth, pointed out Sri K. Ramasubramania Sarma in a lecture.

That this is a turf wrapped in mystery is beautifully expressed in the Kenopanishad. It states that if one presumes that one has gained access to this infinite Brahman, one is mistaken. The Upanishad shows that awareness in this context is merely the acceptance of this infinite, vast, unfathomable and immeasurable Brahman.

The sun, the moon, the galaxy of stars, etc., shine forth with all their brilliance only because of the effulgence of the Supreme Brahman. The light and heat of fire is also due to the Brahman. The entire creation is sustained because of His glory.

Meditation and austere penance can help to gain awareness of this truth, says the Prasnopanishad. The challenge for the aspirant is to recognise the presence of this all-pervading Brahman as the indwelling Self. This truth is elusive when the subtle Self lies totally embedded and hidden in the body-mind complex of the individual. One has to deeply think on this truth, reflect on its plausibility and continue to meditate on it until its unique identity is perceived as distinct from the body's association.

The primordial sound OM is the symbol of Brahman. Meditation on this OM with feeling and concentration can become a powerful force to realise the ultimate truth. This meditation maintains the unbroken flow of one's focus on the Supreme Being.

This is an arduous task. The aspirant has to control the mind and fix it on the goal. The senses — eyes, ears, nose, etc., are by nature outward bound, that is, they easily seek the objects of the world and get attracted to them. The effort becomes effective when a true yearning for liberation takes root in one's consciousness. Then withdrawal of the senses from worldly objects automatically happens.

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