To overcome the spell of Maya is the greatest challenge for a Jivatma caught in Samsara. Though God offers to liberate people from this cycle, and incarnates time and again to reassure them in this regard, people fail to discriminate between the permanent and the fleeting and chase sense objects with great fervour, said Sri R. Varadarajan in a discourse. Just as a person inside the kitchen cannot hope to be free of grime and heat, a Jivatma finds it difficult to ignore worldly ties and attachment that are hurdles to spiritual development.

Krishna and Balarama, though well-versed in knowledge and possessed of all wisdom, submitted to instruction under Sandipani as his disciples. It is said that within 64 days they learnt the elements of military science and the directions for mystic incantations. The preceptor was astonished at their proficiency that exceeded human faculties. Before taking leave, Krishna wished to offer Guru Dakshina to his preceptor. Sandipani then requested them to give his dead son who had drowned in the sea of Prabhasa. Though a far-fetched request, the young boys plunged into the sea, fought with Panchajana and recovered the boy. Is it not a pity that this great preceptor desired a worldly gain when the Supreme Lord could have easily liberated him? His wish exemplifies the ordinary Jivatma’s worldly involvement that blinds one from the ultimate pursuit.

But Dadipanda, a simple cowherd boy, unlearned in sastras, seems to have understood the priceless worth of Moksha and the significance of the only Being who can grant it. He demanded Moksha from Krishna in return for his help of shielding Him from being caught for stealing butter. Krishna hid under a pot and Dadipanda sat on it when the search for Krishna was on. The danger being past, Krishna urged that the pot be removed so that He could breathe. But Dadipanda agreed to do so only after Krishna granted him salvation; in addition he obtained salvation for the pot as well. Despite his extraordinary prowess as a warrior, king, and a sage of austere penance, Vishwamitra fell for the charms of Menaka. The power of Maya enveloping this world continues to baffle people.

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