Kochi bands, Rocazaurus and Redemption, are participating in the ‘Battle Of The Bands’ competition in Bangalore on Thursday.

A sea of graffiti laden black T-shirts, goatees of various lengths and styles, hair styles too and pulsating music... a rock fest in the last place one would expect at Reliance Timeout in Oberon Mall. But there it was.

The event was a rock competition, ‘Battle of the Bands’, for amateur bands organised by Reliance Timeout. This was the first time the contest was held in Kerala. Five bands – Azaleel, Blind Faith, Redemption, Rocazaurus and Wretched Crew participated in the competition. After an agonising wait of 10 days the result was announced. Rocazaurus and Redemption made the cut. The judging was based on 50 per cent on the judges’ marks and the other half was based on voting by the audience.

Rocazaurus comprising Alfred Noel (drummer), Freddie John (lead guitarist), Jose Kenny (bass guitarist) and Daniel Joseph (vocals) are on cloud nine once the results were announced. Daniel who joined earlier this year is the latest addition to the band.

The band members also happen to be neighbours, “we formed the band when we were in Std. IX,” says Alfred. The band, whose average age is 18 years, regularly participates in competitions and has won some. The members hope to keep up with the music, and to go the way of most college bands (and rock bands generally) – getting disbanded. Rocazaurus, a hard rock band, is all set for the competition ‘Battle of The Bands’ in Bangalore. “We have even readied a song, ‘Blood Army’ dedicated to Indian soldiers, which we will perform there,” Alfred says.

The other band which was selected is another Kochi based band Redemption. Stephen Cherian Mathew, Mathew Joe, Jose Mathew, Reynold Benhur, Justin Mohan and Palee Francis make the band. Stephen, whose is a music instructor, takes the win in his stride. It's like his band was expecting the win.

Top on his mind is warming up properly for the event for which the band will play a few of their own songs. The band, whose genre is melodic metal, is currently working on the release of their EP (Extended Play).

These two bands will compete against four Bangalore-based rock bands in Bangalore. The winning band will get a cash prize of Rs. 25,000.