Playwright M. Purushothamacharya’s stage play ‘Varudhini’ a character from Peddana’s ‘Swarochisha Manu Sambhavam,’ was presented at Ravindra Bharati last week, under the aegis of Delhi Telugu Academy.

Saveri Bhavani as Varudhini left an indelible impression as Gandharva Kanya. Vijaykumar, who figured as Pravarakhya gave a sterling performance. Gangadhar as the sage and Satyanarayana as Kalushambara gave an apt performance. Gangadhar’s performance as the Siddha, though brief was effective. The script was loaded with verses. Verses shared by Vijay Kumar and Gangadhar were well rendered with palatable musical output. Varudhini’s role too was invested with some verses which Saveri Bhavani managed to give out their gist.

Y. Krishnamurthy on harmonium and Krishnamurthy on tabla gave musical support for verse renditions. Paramesh was the make up man. Surabhi Santosh provided apt setting as backdrop of this Himalayan drama.