The band members of Pentagram go back to their roots with their new album Bloodywood

The quintessential dark shades and closely cropped goatee, Vishal Dadlani looked every bit a rock star as he walked in with his group members for a sound check before their evening performance at the Hard Rock Café in the city. The band is strangely oblivious to Vishal's Bollywood background as they get on with their sound check with such vigour that makes one with think, what is in store for the live gig?

The Indian rock scene was still at a nascent stage when they started in 1994. Sixteen years down the line, three albums to their credit and a loyal fan base, Pentagram is set to launch their latest album ‘Bloodywood'. Talking about their new album Vishal who is the lead vocalist of the band says, “There was no concept behind this album. It was very instinctive and represents our mindsets and what we want to say.”

Randolph Correia, the guitarist also the producer of the album says that he had registered the name Bloodywood for a website even before they conceptualised the album. He elaborates, “The album represents all that is new and positive and our tribute to the new Mumbai and its unsung heroes. The lyrics are personal and contemporary so that the younger generation can identify with it.”

The band members feel that it is the respect for each other's personal space that helped them grow all these years.

While most of the rock bands play it safe by performing popular numbers, Pentagram has always been confident about their own compositions. “It is like impressing a girl with our own ideas instead of reading out a poem already written by someone else. We would rather take a chance and do our own thing than play it safe,” explains Randolph.

Surprisingly, switching from composing a commercial Sheila ki jawani to rock comes effortlessly to Vishal.

“Bollywood is my job and Pentagram represents who I am,” claims the singer and music director.

An unperturbed Randolph quips in, “We are not much aware of what he does in Bollywood. His talent as a vocalist and a songwriter transcends what he does in Bollywood.”

The growing acceptance of other genres of music other than Hindi film music is a positive trend, feels Vishal.

“The driving force of Bollywood is business whereas Pentagram's music is more radical and has a different edge to it. The two alternate thought processes can cohabit in the same space,” explains Vishal.

The band also includes drummer Shiraz Bhattacharya and Papal Mane who is the bassist.