Madness and majaa

Parody and tongue-in-cheek takes on pop hits

Parody and tongue-in-cheek takes on pop hits  


It all started when

Dheerendra Doss (he goes by “Dheeru”) met vocalist Amrit while producing an album. “We thought, we should just mix up some crazy ridiculous songs. And we actually did it,” says Dheeru. They’ve been around since early 2011. They perhaps owe their cult following as much to their never-a-dull-moment live gigs as to their jokey, local lingo-filled Facebook page.

Who they are

Amrit Rao on vocals, Dheerendra Doss on drums, Siddhart Kamath on keyboard and guitars, Sridhar Varadarajan on guitars, and Raveesh Tirkey on bass.

You’ve probably heard

Their now-famous song ‘Auto Tune’, an outlet for their frustrations at the city’s auto drivers. Also: gigs around the city in which they’ve done tongue-in-cheek mashups of Kylie Minogue and Fergie hits.

Who the music is for

“Everyone who doesn't care about what genre they are listening to,” says Dheeru; and yet, they’ve invented terms for their sound: “comedy” or “parody” rock, “awesome” genre, or “Indo-International mass” (meaning ‘cult’, roughly).

First gig

At the Big Junction Jam Festival, last year, at Palace Grounds. It was a rainy day; they weren’t sure they’d get any listeners. In the end, Dheeru believes it was their costumes (what he calls a “colourful slap on your face”) that caught the crowd’s eye.

See them next at

Hard Rock Café, November 22. Visit for more details of the band.

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