Sadanam Harikumar’s vocal aesthetics came to the fore during a concert of classical Malayalam songs in Palakkad.

Classical music aficionados were treated to a splendid performance by Sadanam Harikumar at the Palghat Fine Arts Society auditorium.

The concert consisted of only Malayalam compositions. A disciple of celebrated musician late C.S. Krishna Iyer, and a multi-faceted artiste, Harikumar displayed his prowess as a vocalist in the recital.

Endowed with a full-throated voice, he rendered a number of his own compositions in different ragas. Sruthi sudha and sahitya sudha coupled with a fine sense of aesthetics made the concert memorable.

The vocalist began with his guru’s kriti ‘Ganesa Vignangal Akathridum’ in Gambeeranatta. The next item, one of his own compositions, ‘Paada pankajam’ in Sriranjani, was notable for its interesting lyrics.

‘Varumo nin karunaakadaaksham’, another kriti of Krishna Iyer on Lord Guruvayurappan in Saaranga, beautified with a pleasing niraval and kalpana swaras, was steeped in bhava. The graceful elaboration of Kedaragowla, followed by his creation ‘Bhakthiyo Mukthiyo’ with a lilting chittaswara earned applause. ‘Padamalaril adiyanuni’, his composition in the rare raga Balahamsa, kept up the momentum.

The highlight of the recital was a majestic alapana of Kalyani, replete with classical sancharas and elegant akaaras. Harikumar dwelt on all the salient traits of the raga. The chosen kriti was another of the vocalist’s own compositions ‘Sadhaa gathi sudha’ in Adi tala (two kalais), which was punctuated with captivating sangatis. Vibrant niraval and swara patterns at ‘Sadaananda hridaya nivasi’ infused depth to the rendition.

Melodious contours of Huseni was followed by Harikumar’s own ‘Aee maramo Aa maramo’ and the Vasantha raga song ‘Patheetha Paavana’, which was rendered in Rabindra sangeeth style.

A kriti on Devi, ‘Japamo Tapamo’ in Hindolam, the popular song from ‘Kuchelavritham’ Kathakali ‘Ajitha Hare’, preceded by a delightful sketch of Sri raga, ‘Sree Neelakanta’ in Revathi, a composition of Irayimman Thampi in ‘Dakshayagam’ Kathakali, and the Kaavadichinthu number ‘Pachamulan kattil’, were some of the compositions rendered by him.

Harikumar rounded off the recital with ‘Ambadikkoru Bhushanam’ in Madhyamavathi. The vocalist's son Vignesh Harikumar provided able vocal support.

R. Swaminathan’s violin accompaniment was par excellence. Kallekulangara Unnikrishnan animated the concert with his commendable support on the mridangam. E.M. Deepak (ghatam) was equally good. Their tani in Adi tala earned them laurels. The concert was organised by Palghat Fine Arts Society as part of its Malayalam month celebrations.