Initiative to usher in appreciation for culture lauded

Resplendent bhavas in the carnatic vocal rendition of S. Krithika of Thanjavur, and a scintillating performance of the Madras String Quartet, one of India's foremost Western chamber music ensembles, to an appreciative audience at the Devar Hall on Sunday marked the birth of Darshan in its new incarnation to serve as a window for art and beyond, in fond memory of J. Balaraman, a connoisseur of drama. The music concerts were inaugurated by ‘Sangeetha Sudha' Champa Kalkura.

Darshan has had a glorious past, starting its journey in the cultural milieu of Tiruchi four decades ago, in the forms of Readers' Forum, formed to critically evaluate serious works of contemporary Tamil writers; Cine Forum, under the guidance of Rev. Fr. Bess, that had the privilege of screening the best films of doyens of world cinema; and the Tiruchi Nataka Sangam that staged as many as thirty dramas, thanks to the herculean efforts of N.Jambunathan.

Inaugurating Darshan, Rev. Sr. Margaret Bastin, Principal, Kalai Kaviri College of Fine Arts, appreciated the non-profit organisation for its initiative to usher in a sense of appreciation for culture among the younger generation.

She felt that patronisation for art forms ought to be better in a place like Tiruchi, the birth place for several artistes, Sr. Margaret Bastin said, explaining how art brings about mental transformation.

Offering felicitations, Rajeswari Ramakrishnan, a connoisseur of fine arts associated with Darshan, felt that a cultural renaissance hinges on rich public patronisation of concerts in a scenario of increasing stress.

With a vision of creating more just, more equitable, more humane, more aesthetic, and spiritually absorbing civil society, Darshan intends to promote an awareness of the rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry among the youth in the country with a string of programmes focussing on classical arts and their rituals, mythology and philosophy.

Darshan believes that by encouraging an awareness of the profound and subtler values of art forms, the genuine spirit of enquiry in the young can be provoked, making them kind and gentle human beings.

To inspire them and make them inspire others, Darshan lays greater stress on classical music, dance and serious films.

It has plans to organise a series of music concerts.