“It has always been my aim to bridge the gap between technicians and musicians, and I would like all Indian musicians perform with a scientific temperament,” says Maharajapuram S. Ganesh Viswanathan, of Shankar Mahadevan Academy of Music (Online). They are launching two courses on Recording Arts – Basic and Advanced.

Mr. Vishwanathan is the curriculum coordinator and chief tutor. He will also be heading, handling and supervising the courses with an online technical support team.


Understanding the basic principles in the broad operational spectrum of Recording Arts would empower the students to analyse and interpret the various factors governing the propagation of sound.

The basic course would enable the student and the aspiring performer to understand the fundamentals of sound reinforcement technologies and the propagation of sound in different acoustical environments thus nurturing a penchant to utilise the best in each category.


The basic overview of sound reinforcement devices learnt in the Basic course would be enhanced with practical analysis and application-oriented tutoring in the advanced course.

The students would develop a scientific temperament through these lessons, thus enabling them to be technically sound musicians with a systematic aural sense.

On completion of this course, students will have the practical knowledge to utilise the best possible advantages they are capable of, using different sound reinforcement devices.

Students will be able to communicate their needs to technicians in case of any specific requirement or will be proactive in addressing their concerns about any acoustical and sonic imbalances.

The courses fee is Rs. 8,100.