Violin Narmadha presented a few popular numbers at her concert for the Pollachi Tamizhisai Sangham.

Dr. M. Narmadha's violin solo recital under the auspices of Pollachi Tamizhisai Sangham was full of joy and verve as her nimble fingers poured out popular kritis one after the other. Her introductions were not only packed with interesting details but also drew attention to the beauty of the lyrics. As a torchbearer of the Parur-MSG bani, Narmadha has perfected the techniques of bowing and fingering and blends the complex Carnatic gamakas with the lovely Hindustani ‘meend' (glide from one note to another).

Narmadha began with the Saveri varnam, playing it on a single string. ‘Vaathaapi Ganapathim,' ‘Arula Vendum Thaye,' ‘Jaga Janani' and ‘Raghuvamsa Sudhaambudhi Chandra' were some of the popular numbers that she played. The compositions of Bharatiar, Periyasami Thooran and Dhandapani Desikar wafted through, along with a few by Saint Tyagaraja. The softly enticing ‘Kaatrinile Varum Geetham' and ‘Chinanjiru Kiliye' were well received.

Energetic kalpanaswaras

Her swift fingers glided effortlessly and etched graphic portraits of Amrithavarshini (‘Enai Nee Maravaadhe') and Abheri (‘Nagumomu'). The energetic kalpanaswaras had whole-hearted support from Thirukkannapuram Sowrirajan (thavil) and Chennai Harihara Subramaniam (ghatam) who also presented a torrential but pleasing tani avartanam. Narmadha paid homage to Madurai Mani Iyer (this being his centenary year) by playing the English Note, popularised by him and concluded her concert with a tarana in Sindubhairavi.